Peter Bain

Liberal for Fraser

About Peter

Liberal for Fraser

Peter Bain is your local Liberal candidate for Fraser. Peter is a compassionate hard worker who is committed to seeing positive change for the people of Fraser.

In his line of work as an executive in the not for profit sector, Peter has dedicated a lifetime career to delivering better outcomes for those less fortunate. Peter has used his management expertise in the not for profit industry to help organisations passionate about international aid, health, technology and community services to name a few.

As a husband and father to three young girls Peter knows first-hand what all Australian families need to grow and prosper. He feels passionate about improving essential services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure for the benefit of all families.

Peter Bain is a strong advocate for community growth, and knows from his career experience that the best way to deliver positive change is through a strong economy. Peter Bain is standing up for the people of Fraser so he can help to deliver a stronger economy and secure future.

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