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Daniel Andrews or Kevin Devlin – one of them isn’t telling the truth on Sky Rail compo

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Daniel Andrews and the boss of the Level Crossing Removal Authority are at odds today on whether residents adversely affected by the construction of the Toorak Road Sky Rail will be compensated. 

Daniel Andrews says compensation will be considered. Kevin Devlin says it won’t.

When asked by the media yesterday if residents adversely affected will be compensated, Daniel Andrews said:

“In terms of affected residents, we deal with those on a case-by-case basis. We deal with those in good faith. And that community engagement team from the LXRA will be out speaking beyond what they've already done. They'll be out speaking to affected residents.” 

But today on 3AW, Kevin Devlin, the CEO of the Level Crossing Removal Authority told Neil Mitchell that there would be no compensation for residents affected by Sky Rail. 

Neil Mitchell: Any compensation if I can prove my property's value has declined? 

Kevin Devlin: No, at the moment there is no framework in place for compensation, um, for property prices but we think that the improved amenity, and I think we anecdotally, the property prices haven't declined. People are concerned about that -- I realise that, but that hasn't necessarily been the experience on the other side. The reduction in significant rat running or lower congestion around these areas, improved facilities, open parks, walking trails – that's actually improving the amenity for a lot of the local residents. 

Neil Mitchell: So you wouldn't, regardless of that, there's no compensation planned in this case?

Kevin Devlin: No

They can’t both be right. Either Daniel Andrews is playing fast and loose with the truth again or Kevin Devlin is wrong. 

Either way, it shows that local communities cannot trust this Labor government.