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Liberal Nationals Shadow Cabinet

Monday, 17 December 2018

Today we are announcing a new Shadow Cabinet that will work together to hold the Labor Government to account for its failings, and reset the way we engage with the Victorian community to develop solutions to the challenges facing Victoria.

The Liberal Nationals’ core values are positive and inclusive. We believe in opportunity; that everybody should be free to achieve their potential. 

This new Shadow Cabinet is a balance of skills and experience with an injection of new talent to help the Liberal Nationals win the contest of ideas over how best to take Victoria forward.

While the Andrews Labor Government is top-heavy with former union officials, our team includes former nurses and health sector workers, small business owners, farmers, a school teacher, a police officer and accounting and financial services professionals.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Peter Walsh will continue to be a strong advocate for country Victoria and serve as Shadow Minister for Regional Victoria and Decentralisation, Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Deputy Liberal Leader Cindy McLeish will take on the key role of Shadow Minister for Education.  As a former teacher, Cindy understands the importance of ensuring that our children receive a first class education. While education standards and outcomes are stagnating under the Andrews Labor Government, Cindy will focus on policies to improve outcomes for our children. 

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, David Davis will serve in the key portfolios of Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan) and Transport Infrastructure. Given Labor’s long history of botching infrastructure projects, David will have an important job holding Labor accountable.  

Georgie Crozier has a long history working in the healthcare sector. As the Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie will be responsible for scrutinising Labor’s management of a system that too often fails Victorians in need and developing policies that will put patients and their families first.

New Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley is a fierce advocate for her constituency. Louise brings to this role her 20 year career in finance as well as small business and farming experience. She will hold Labor accountable for its record high taxes and plans for the biggest debt binge in Victorian history.

I have personally taken responsibility for the Small Business portfolio because I know how important this sector is for economic growth and jobs. Moreover, small businesses are living examples of those who work hard, create opportunity for others and drive innovation – just what Victoria needs.

Also welcomed to Shadow Cabinet for the first time are Roma Britnell in the Rural Roads, Ports and Freight portfolios, Neil Angus in the Assistant Treasurer, Consumer Affairs and Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs portfolios and new Evelyn MP Bridget Vallence as Secretary to the Shadow Cabinet.

I’m pleased to announce the return of Kim Wells to Shadow Cabinet in the Special Minister of State and Counter-Terrorism portfolios. Kim is a highly experienced MP and former senior Minister. He will prove a strong and respected Manager of Opposition Business.

As Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue will also be responsible for the Coalition’s response to the proposed Royal Commission into the management of police informants.

I’d like to again place on record my thanks to Matthew Guy for his support and friendship. I respect and understand his decision to not serve in Shadow Cabinet. I also thank Craig Ondarchie, Neale Burgess and Danny O’Brien for their strong contribution to the Shadow Cabinet in the previous Parliament. I know they will continue to make important contributions to the Coalition and to their electorates.

This new Shadow Cabinet team will develop the key policies we will take to the next election that will reflect the core values of the Liberal Nationals: opportunity, reward for effort, the rule of law, environmental stewardship, a strong economy, a cohesive society, protecting the vulnerable, and limited but effective government.


Liberal Nationals

Shadow Cabinet

14 December 2018

Michael O’Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

Leader of the Liberal Party

Shadow Minister for Small Business

Peter Walsh MP

Leader of the Nationals

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Shadow Minister for Regional Victoria and Decentralisation

Shadow Minister for Agriculture

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Cindy McLeish MP

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party

Shadow Minister for Education

Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs

Shadow Minister for Regional Cities

Steph Ryan MP

Deputy Leader of the Nationals

Shadow Minister for Water

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Regional)

Shadow Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation

David Davis MP

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council

Shadow Minister for Public Transport (Metropolitan)

Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure

Shadow Minister for Equality

Shadow Minister for Federal-State Relations

Shadow Minister for Priority Precincts

Shadow Minister for the Arts

Georgie Crozier MP

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council

Shadow Minister for Health

Shadow Minister for Ambulance Services

Neil Angus MP

Shadow Assistant Treasurer

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

Shadow Minister for Youth Justice

Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention

Shadow Minister for Victim Support

Roma Britnell MP

Shadow Minister for Rural Roads

Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight

Tim Bull MP

Shadow Minister for Carers and Disability

Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs

Shadow Minister for Racing

Shadow Minister for Fishing and Boating

David Hodgett MP

Shadow Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events

Emma Kealy MP

Shadow Minister for Mental Health

Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence

Shadow Minister for Women

David Morris MP

Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change

Shadow Minister for Bay Protection

Edward O’Donohue MP

Shadow Attorney-General

Gordon Rich-Phillips MP

Shadow Minister for Finance

Shadow Minister for Roads (Metropolitan)

Shadow Minister for Road Safety and the TAC

Shadow Minister for Aviation

Ryan Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables

Shadow Minister for Resources

Tim Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage

Shadow Minister for Local Government

Shadow Minister for Housing

Shadow Minister for Population

David Southwick MP         

Shadow Minister for Police

Shadow Minister for Community Safety

Shadow Minister for Corrections

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

Shadow Minister for Economic Development

Nick Wakeling MP

Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

Shadow Minister for Child Protection

Shadow Minister for Ageing

Kim Wells MP

Shadow Special Minister of State

Shadow Minister for Counter-Terrorism

Manager of Opposition Business

Mary Wooldridge MP

Shadow Minister for Innovation, Jobs and Trade

Shadow Minister for Training and Skills

Shadow Minister for Higher Education

Bridget Vallence MP

Secretary to Shadow Cabinet

Liberal Nationals

Shadow Assistant Ministry

14 December 2018

Melina Bath MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Public Land Use

Gary Blackwood MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Forestry

Bernie Finn MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Autism

Shadow Assistant Minister for Small Business

James Newbury MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Wastewatch

Shadow Assistant Minister for Freedom of Information

Danny O’Brien MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional Health

Shadow Assistant Minister for Ambulance Services

Richard Riordan MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional Victoria

Shadow Assistant Minister for Agriculture

Brad Rowswell MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Education

Bridget Vallence MP

Shadow Assistant Minister for Industry