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South East Stroke Ambulance to save lives

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

With a stroke every minute counts which is why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest $6 million for a dedicated Stroke Ambulance based at Monash Medical Centre.

This ambulance will give residents of Melbourne’s South East the best chance of survival and recovery after suffering a stroke.

Stroke affects 1 in 6 people, with 14,000 Victorians suffering a stroke last year and 3,000 not surviving. With up to 1.9 million brain cells dying each minute, the faster the response for stroke victims the greater their chance of a full recovery.

Melbourne’s population is now 5 million people and growing at an average of around 2,700 a week and its imperative we invest in more doctors, nurses, hospitals, paramedics and ambulances to keep up with population growth.

Victoria’s first Stroke Ambulance is based at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. It enables treatment to commence on the ambulance, rather than at the hospital so patients can receive lifesaving clot-busting drugs or clot removal sooner than ever before.

However, the current Stroke Ambulance is limited to attending patients within a 20km radius from the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The Monash Medical Centre also has the specialist staff who can treat complex Stroke patients and support a Stroke Ambulance.

A Stroke Ambulance located at the Monash Medical Centre will ensure an additional 1 million residents, from Seaford to Beaumaris and Narre Warren to Belgrave and Ringwood, will have access to this life saving service for the first time.

The Stroke Ambulance is purpose built, has an on-board CT scanner, telemedicine and a mobile lab, is staffed by a combination of a neurologist, nurse, radiographer and two paramedics and is called out approximately 6 times a day.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in Australia and a Liberal Nationals Government will ensure more Victorians have access to this life saving treatment.

As Melbourne’s population grows the Liberal Nationals will invest in ensuring a million more Victorians have access to this lifesaving Stroke Ambulance.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

“A Liberal Nationals Government will ensure a million more Victorians can get the fastest possible treatment for stroke, improving their chances of survival and recovery.

There’s no reason people in Melbourne’s South East should be missing out, and this innovative method of treatment will save lives.”