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Where to next for Labor’s drug injecting room?

Friday, 31 August 2018

If Daniel Andrews really believes drug injecting rooms work then it’s only a matter of time before Labor announces them in other suburbs.

Suburbs of Port Phillip, Melbourne and Brimbank are among the worst areas for drug overdoses, with the highest number of heroin linked deaths recorded in the City of Brimbank in 2017 with 19 deaths.

Daniel Andrews thinks the solution is to effectively legalise and normalise the use of heroin and ice, while failing to provide adequate residential rehabilitation services and cutting funding for community mental health.

Victorian families deserve better than this Labor Government’s 17 per cent cut to community mental health services that save lives by helping people to put their lives back together after addiction.

Daniel Andrews can’t be trusted when he says he has no plans to open more suburban drug injecting rooms.

The Liberal Nationals believe a better way to tackle the drug crisis in Victoria is targeted education for younger people, better access to rehabilitation and tougher penalties for drug kingpins who prey on our most vulnerable.

We’ll also invest in our regional communities to make sure local people can get the help they need, putting $7 million into a new, 18 to 20 bed residential rehabilitation centre in Mildura.