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The Green tail that wags the Labor dog

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Acting Leader of the Greens Ellen Sandell has let the cat out of the bag about plans for the Greens and Labor to form a coalition government.

On Channel 7 news last night Ellen Sandell said: ”We are really willing to talk to them about how we can work together to get good outcomes for Victoria on things we care about like clean energy and public transport.”

Make no mistake, the Greening of Labor will mean more traffic congestion, more crime and higher cost of living pressures. It also means an education curriculum that will become even more focused on radical ideological and social agendas and less focussed on literacy and numeracy.

The Andrews Government is already Greens-lite, Victorians can’t afford the hung parliament chaos of a Labor Greens alliance.

If Labor and Greens win, Victorian families lose.

Victorians later this year will have a choice between two coalition governments – a stable Liberal Nationals Government with bold policies or a chaotic and dysfunctional Labor Greens Government.