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New planning laws to save our suburbs

Monday, 18 June 2018

A Liberal Nationals Government will introduce strict new planning rules within its first 100 days of office, to protect the liveability of our suburbs from over development.

Melbourne can’t keep growing the way it currently is, our city needs to have the right growth in the right places, not a one size fits all free for all.

The Liberal Nationals' new planning rules will protect the character of our suburbs from inappropriate overdevelopment.

As soon as they took office, Daniel Andrews and Labor watered down strict planning protections. This has led to a free for all of inappropriate development in many suburban streets. 

Labor’s changes have not only sacrificed strict planning rules and neighbourhood character controls, they have caused more congestion on local roads that is choking our city.

A Liberal Nationals Government will restore the protections to residential suburbs removed by Daniel Andrews and Labor.

We will reverse the damaging aspects of Labor’s changes, specifically:

  • reintroduce the two dwelling limit on lots in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • reduce the building height in parts of the Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • bring back the 9 metre discretionary height limit in the General Residential Zone
  • Reviewing the ‘Garden Area’ rule to make it more sensible and workable

These changes are so important to protect our quality of life that an elected Liberal Nationals Government will introduce them in its first 100 days. 

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

"Only a Liberal National government will introduce strict planning rules to protect our suburbs from inappropriate overdevelopment.

Victoria needs the right growth in the right places, not allowing anything to be built anywhere.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis:

“Daniel Andrews’ changes to our planning laws are choking Melbourne’s suburbs with unplanned overdevelopment.

Labor’s plan to allow high density development on all parts of Melbourne is creating more pressure on our lifestyles and families.  

The unique character of our suburbs and towns is what makes living in Melbourne and Victoria so great. But at the moment all of that is at risk with Daniel Andrews’ unplanned overdevelopment. 

A Liberal Nationals Government will put the brakes on this unplanned overdevelopment and give control back to residents and their councils.”