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School fortified against Daniel Andrews’ drug injecting room

Friday, 8 June 2018

It has been reported that the primary school next door to Daniel Andrews’ drug injecting room has been fortified against the influx of drug addicts.

Only Daniel Andrews would think it’s acceptable to have ice and heroin addicts congregating next door to a primary school.

This report follows admissions by the Secretary of the Education Department, Gill Callister, during Parliament’s PAEC hearings that Daniel Andrews didn’t bother to do a risk assessment before choosing the site for his drug injecting room.

The need for this security upgrade just proves that you cannot use heroin or ice safely.

In Victoria, we need to take a tougher stance on criminal behaviour. That’s why a Liberal Nationals Government would toughen our bail, youth justice and sentencing laws to send a strong message to criminals.

If elected in November, the Liberal Nationals will shut this drug room down.