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No risk assessment for drug injecting room

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Today at PAEC, the Department of Education and Training admitted no risk assessment has been undertaken for the primary school located next to Richmond’s ice injecting room.

Instead, the Department stated that one solution was to “lock the back gate.”

In further admissions, Minister James Merlino and the Department were unable to confirm if any security guards would be hired or CCTV used to protect the school.

In a startling admission, the Department also confessed it had not provided any advice to the Andrews Government about the location of the drug injecting room or the risk to the students or teachers at the primary school.

Parents have every right to be concerned that Daniel Andrews wants to encourage Ice addicts to use an injecting room next door to their children’s school and that proper advice hasn’t been sought by the very department responsible for keeping our kids safe.