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Labor’s 38% budget blowout and counting

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

In the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, Treasurer Tim Pallas admitted the Andrews Labor Government has overseen a 38% blowout in level crossing removals and has no idea how much more the program will go over budget.

Despite the Andrews Labor Government receiving bipartisan support to fund these level crossings, Labor has still found a way to botch the management of this important project.

The billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money lost through Labor’s mismanagement could have been better spent on building new schools, better health services or cutting some of the 12 new taxes Daniel Andrews has introduced.

This is yet another example that Victorian Labor cannot competently manage important projects and keep them within budget.

Victorians work hard and live within their household budgets but all they see from the Andrews Labor Government is a careless attitude to precious taxpayer money.