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Daniel Andrews – You can’t build a house with Red Tape

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Today at PAEC, Resources Minister Tim Pallas admitted the “substantial role” Labor’s botched resource management has played in exacerbating cost blowouts and cost of living increases across Victoria.

Under Labor, Victorian’s have suffered up to a $5,000 increase in the cost of building a home due to regulatory bottlenecks causing shortages in bringing raw materials to market.

Furthermore, Labor’s raw material shortages have led to projects such as the Hoddle Street Streamlining costs blowing out by more than 100%, costing taxpayers millions.  

Any Victorian who dreams of building a house or renovating their home face higher costs under Labor due to their inability to properly manage Victoria’s raw materials.

Under Labor, Victorians are paying $300 more for electricity, $500 more for gas and now $5,000 more to build a home with no end to the cost-of-living pain in sight.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“Daniel Andrews’ incompetent resource management is the final nail in the coffin for affordable cost of living for Victorians.

“How can anyone trust Labor to deliver on Victoria’s infrastructure projects when 100% cost blow-outs are the norm?

“Only a Matthew Guy Government will cut red tape and get Victoria’s resource strategy back on track and ease cost of living pressures for all Victorians.”