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Report of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Report of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor shows that despite a massive increase in extra funding, actual outcomes have not improved. 

The report reveals that the ambitions of the family violence reforms are at risk of not being met because of deficiencies and gaps in planning by the Andrews Labor Government.

One of the most damning findings of the report provides that: “If urgent planning is not undertaken implementation of the reform may fail to achieve the outcomes and ambitions of the Royal Commission and the Government’s 10 year plan”. 

The report also reveals a budget allocation of $2.4 billion up from an original $1.9 billion.

Despite Daniel Andrews receiving strong support from the Liberal and Nationals to address family violence, it is clear the Labor Government is mismanaging this important reform. 

Once again we see that Daniel Andrews might be good at press conferences and throwing money at a problem, but the results never match the rhetoric.