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Common sense road rules survey

Thursday, 12 April 2018

We want to know what Victorians think about our state’s road rules.

The Liberal Nationals believe road rules should be based on common sense.

Recently, too many road rules have been designed by bureaucrats. Some of their ideas might be good on paper, but in the real world they can create more problems than they fix.

Too often under Labor, motorists have been cut out of decision-making on speed limits and road rules. Changes have often been made haphazardly, without any public consultation, and have been either announced at short notice or not announced at all.

This can create confusion which means dangerous driving conditions and unsafe roads.

That’s why we’ve announced the state-wide Common Sense Road Rules survey, which is now available online.

We want to know what Victorians think about a range of issues, including red lights on freeway merges, differential speed limits for trucks, and freeway speed limits.

We also want to know the community’s ideas for rules that should be changed, or new rules that should be considered.

We’ll announce our policies on these issues, once we’ve looked at what Victorians have had to say.

You can access the survey at


Comments attributable to Opposition Leader, Matthew Guy:

“The Liberal Nationals will bring common sense back to Victoria’s road rules. 

Victoria needs simpler and safer road rules based on common sense which is why we want to hear from motorists on what they think works best.

Our roads need to be user friendly and that’s why we will listen to road users over bureaucrats.”


Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David Hodgett:

“Too many of our road rules have been designed only by bureaucrats sitting in their offices in the CBD. 

Their ideas might be good on paper but in the real world they can cause more problems than they solve and can make our roads less safe.”