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Victoria’s unemployment rates

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Today’s unemployment figures show that while the New South Wales economy continues to stride ahead, Victoria remains at the back of the pack weighed down by Daniel Andrews’ 12 new taxes and over $20 billion in budget blowouts.

Victoria’s unemployment rate is now 6.1% while New South Wales has an unemployment rate of just 4.8%.

For the month of December 2017, the state of Victoria experienced the biggest single increase in unemployment of 0.6%.

These aren’t just statistics on a spreadsheet, they represent real people who are without a job – mums and dads, young people trying to earn money to buy their first home, older workers trying to save for retirement and young kids out of school hoping to build a future.

It is now the 16th consecutive month where Victoria’s unemployment rate has been higher than the national average.

The only good news in these figures is that after months of Victoria having the worst unemployment figures in Australia, we have now tied with Tasmania for the equal worst unemployment rate.

Victoria is now the highest taxing state in Australia thanks to Daniel Andrews; this is not how to encourage businesses to employ more workers.

With NSW having an unemployment rate massively lower than Victoria’s, it is clear that Daniel Andrews’ 12 new taxes and budget blowouts are failing and costing Victorian jobs.