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Energy Commission warns power prices to rise

Monday, 18 December 2017

Daniel Andrews’ forced closure of Hazelwood power station has caused power prices to skyrocket, despite his lies that they wouldn’t.

The Australian Energy Market Commission has forecast Victorians will suffer further price hikes due to the reckless actions of Daniel Andrews.

This comes just days after a KPMG report showed Victorians on lower incomes are being hit hardest by rising energy prices.

Victoria has now had to enact emergency measures, paid for by taxpayers and energy users, to keep the lights on this summer after the market regulator warned of high chances of power shortages.

Daniel Andrews was warned about the consequences of shutting Hazelwood, removing 22% of our energy supply, yet he pushed ahead anyway.

Attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“Victorians are paying and will continue to pay for Daniel Andrews’ reckless decision to close Hazelwood.

“Prices are up and we are short on electricity because of Daniel Andrews.

“Despite his promise to the contrary, Daniel Andrews has overseen skyrocketing power prices that are hitting lower income Victorians the hardest.”