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Andrews Government thinks Geelong motorists will “enjoy” being tolled

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Today in Parliament, the Liberal Nationals asked the Andrews Labor Government about the new tolls and city access tax Geelong commuters will need to pay to enter the Melbourne’s CBD using the West Gate Tunnel.

The Minster for Roads seemed to think Geelong residents would “enjoy” the new tolls and tax for the privilege of driving into Melbourne’s CBD.

Before the election, Daniel Andrews never said Geelong road commuters and tradies would need to pay a toll or tax to use this project.

Now we find out that tradies in their utes will be charged $12.58 just to enter Melbourne’s CBD.

Geelong commuters have been betrayed once again by Daniel Andrews.

After Daniel Andrews paid $1.3 billion to cancel the East West Link, he’s now hitting Geelong road commuters with a tax just to enter Melbourne’s CBD.