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Andrews’ failure to fix CFA culture sees less female volunteers

Friday, 20 October 2017

Daniel Andrews has consistently shown blatant disregard for volunteer firefighters. His failure to stand up to the bullying tactics of United Firefighters Union and its boss, Peter Marshall, has seen a decline in female volunteers of 6.3%.

This decline means fewer people to fight fires and protect our communities this fire season.

Daniel Andrews’ obsession with handing control of the CFA to his dodgy Union mates has seen an increase in legal costs of 82%. That’s $1.6 million of taxpayers money that could have otherwise been spent on essential fire-trucks and safety equipment.

Operational staff at the CFA – fire fighters – only increased by 140, yet the wages bill increased by $57m or 21%.

This shifty Premier is more concerned with dolling out cash to his union buddies than doing what’s right, investing in front-line fire services personnel and protecting vulnerable Victorians from harm.