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Labor Energy Minister is absolutely clear: Victorians are on their own

Thursday, 10 August 2017

While Victorians struggle to pay soaring energy bills, Labor’s Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio continues to blame everyone but herself for her damaging energy policies.

Victorians are struggling to keep their lights on, put food on the table and heat their homes because of Labor’s forced closure of Hazelwood.

With the number of households being disconnected from gas and electricity growing by 2,000 in the March quarter, the Minister said it herself: “not one person who is disconnected from their power usage is supported by this government".

 D’Ambrosio has made Labor’s energy policy crystal clear: shut down coal and wait for the Federal Government to fix her mess.

 The Minister stated that Victoria needed “more supply” to lower energy prices; the same Minister cut 22 per cent of Victoria’s power when she forced Hazelwood to close in March 2017.