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VAGO reports V/Line failing regional Victoria

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Regional Victoria deserve better than what they are getting under Daniel Andrews.

If we want to manage Melbourne’s and Victoria’s population growth and ease the squeeze, we need to ensure regional Victoria has the infrastructure and opportunities it needs.

The VAGO Report shows that V/Line and the Andrews Labor Government are letting down regional commuters with poor service, significant reliability issues and overcrowded services. This means regional Victorians are missing connections to other transport services causing further disruptions.

VAGO also reports issues with V/Lines reporting of services that do not accurately reflect what user are receiving.

It’s not fair that regional Victoria should be getting a second rate system under Daniel Andrews.

The report finds:

“V/Line has failed to meet key service criteria for the operational performance of its passenger services…

“During the current services agreement, V/Line has not been able to consistently meet punctuality targets for its train services.

“…its trains fail to consistently arrive at the metropolitan boundary in time to use their scheduled path.”

“Growth in patronage increases train loadings and, if not well managed, results in passengers being unable to board a crowded train…

”When trains do not run on time, some passengers may miss connections with other public transport services. PTV, which is responsible for coordinating public transport, does not monitor V/Line train connections with regional town buses and is not aware of the extent of this problem.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport David Hodgett:

We need to plan for our growing population and how we can provide jobs and infrastructure for regional Victoria.

Under Daniel Andrews, we’re seeing $16 billion being spent on metropolitan Melbourne, while regional Victoria is left out.

The Liberal Nationals have a plan to ease the squeeze on Victoria’s population.

Under Daniel Andrews, regional Victoria is treated as second rate compared to Melbourne.

We need to ensure regional Victoria has the jobs, infrastructure and opportunities it needs so we can create a state of cities, not a city state.