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Pallas confirms West Gate Tunnel modelling incorrect

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The credibility of Daniel Andrews’ West Gate Tunnel project is in tatters with the Victorian Treasurer, Tim Pallas, today admitting that his handpicked adviser, William MacDougal, had confirmed vital modelling was incorrect.

Mr MacDougal, appearing before a Senate Committee last week, and speaking on radio said that he had been tasked with reviewing the government’s major road project, the West Gate Tunnel. Mr MacDougall went on to claim that he had raised serious concerns with the Treasurer about the project.

Within a week, Mr MacDougal was sacked by this government in a move that is now the norm for those who dare to challenge the world-view of Daniel Andrews’ government.

With the Treasurer being forced to admit today that his expert had disputed the validity of the traffic modelling, the credibility of the business case released to the public is in serious doubt.

The Treasurer must now release the assumptions behind the traffic modelling on this dud project – a project that does not stack up financially and, as we know now, will do little to help ease the congestion that Melbourne motorists experience every single day.

After wasting $1.2 billion to scrap the East West Link, these important documents must be made public to assure Victorians that the $5.5 billion slated to build the West Gate Tunnel is not throwing good money after bad