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Daniel Andrews wants to know where you sleep

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Since being elected Daniel Andrews has created eleven new taxes which simply drive up the cost of living for Victorians.

The eleven new taxes include a new tax on owners of property in Melbourne based on nights stayed.

Country people at risk of Daniel Andrews’ new tax on properties in Melbourne will now have to keep a diary showing how many nights a year they slept in their own homes for the benefit of bureaucrats at the State Revenue Office (SRO).

Now, Daniel Andrews wants country Victorians who own a Melbourne property to prove to the SRO where they sleep and how often they sleep there.

Under Daniel Andrews’ watch the SRO has committed the worst personal privacy breach in its history: 4,400 overdue tax notices were sent out to the wrong people. Those notices contained personal information including names, addresses and personal financial information.

Given Labor cannot keep existing personal tax information private, Victorians should be very worried that Daniel Andrews wants to force them to tell tax bureaucrats about their personal sleeping arrangements.