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Once again Daniel Andrews is all blame and no responsibility

Friday, 9 June 2017

The review into the Malmsbury escapes is another Andrew Government whitewash.

Under Daniel Andrews there have been over 30 violent riots in youth detention facilities.  The escapes from Malmsbury were hardly a shock given the chaos within the system that allowed over 30 violent riots to occur.

It’s also no surprise that a youth justice system that rewards bad behaviour with pizzas, fast food and video games has seen a complete breakdown of discipline and authority. 

Once again Daniel Andrews is all blame and no responsibility. 

This Premier spends his time either making excuses or blaming others for problems he’s created.

A Liberal Nationals Government will strengthen the youth justice system by stronger sentencing and less tolerance of bad behaviour in the system.  We also believe that those that want to break the cycle need access to better education in the system and strict drug rehabilitation programs.