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The destruction of St Kilda Road, Australia’s greatest boulevard, is a travesty

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Great cities around the world have been able to build needed major infrastructure without trashing their heritage like Labor appears set to do.

 The government has ordered a police presence to oversee the destruction of heritage trees on Australia's greatest boulevard, St Kilda Road.

 The loss will be immense if this continues.

 There is another way.

 More than 10,000 people have signed petitions to deep tunnel the Domain rather than dig up St Kilda road and sacrifice the precinct and much loved trees.

 Richard Wynne and Jacinta Allan have ignored legitimate options and alternatives put to them by experts - arrogantly dismissing them.

 Community meetings have left government officials in no doubt that the community wanted another alternative.

 The interim National Heritage listing should have been a wake-up call and caused Andrews to reconsider his model.


Quotes attributable to the Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis MP: 

The government is arrogantly running over a great history and local people.  Traffic chaos will be a terrible result of Daniel Andrews pig headed approach.

  Quotes attributable to the Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, Margaret Fitzherbert MLC: 

Everyone supports greater rail capacity but international cities can build more rail lines without the loss of important heritage assets