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Daniel Andrews ripping apart the CFA

Friday, 19 May 2017

This attempt by Daniel Andrews to rip apart the CFA will result in the loss of thousands of volunteer firefighters and that will put the lives and property of Victorians at risk.

Daniel Andrews’ attempt to rip apart the CFA will mean the loss of volunteer firefighters from the 35 integrated stations that support professional and volunteer firefighters.  In addition to these losses, there could be thousands more demoralised volunteer firefighters who leave after Daniel Andrews’ divisive campaign.

Already operational volunteers in 2016-17 are expected to be 10 per cent below target - a reduction of more than 4,200 volunteers.

Daniel Andrews can’t even say how much his plan to break up the CFA will cost.  This week in PAEC, despite being given numerous opportunities to itemise the costs, the Andrews Labor Government could not or would not disclose what this will cost taxpayers.

The only consultation Daniel Andrews did was with Peter Marshall.

There has not been a single review into emergency fire services that recommended breaking up the CFA. 

This is worse than a political fix.  This is a political fix that puts the lives and property of Victorians at risk. 

Daniel Andrews will stand by Don Nardella after rorting $174,000 of taxpayers money yet he won't stand by our CFA volunteers.

Rather than end the crime wave sweeping our state, Daniel Andrews' priority is to smash up the CFA and deliver a political win to Peter Marshall.