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Left mobilise to back violent criminals

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Andrews Labor Government and its mates are yet again full of excuses why they can’t lift a finger to do anything about the crime tsunami that is engulfing our state.

Leadership aspirant Martin Pakula says the cost of keeping Victorians safe is too high whilst Daniel Andrews himself has nothing to say on the issue, as it’s not on his ‘grid.’

Meanwhile the usual conga line of lefty luvvies and intellectual snobs has emerged to help the Andrews Labor Government defend the rights of violent criminals.

Like the CPSU’s Karen Batt who never fails to put her quest for a safe Labor seat ahead of community safety, is the absolute last person Victorians need advice from.

The same group of inner-suburban types who championed wasting $1.2 billion to not build a vital piece of infrastructure are all of a sudden worried about the cost of keeping violent murderers, rapists and car-jackers off our streets.

Perhaps all the usual Labor luvvies are worried about the cost because they think keeping Victorians safe might affect their generous taxpayer funded sinecures and quangos.

Victorians aren’t interested in hearing from the same old campus lefties doing their soft on crime tarantella. Victorians want, and deserve, to feel safe in their own homes again and the Liberal Nationals will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

These lawyers, in particular, can look down their noses from their North Carlton terraces at mainstream Victorians who are on the front line of this violent crime wave. I find their sneering at the genuine concerns of victims of crime offensive and insensitive.