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Daniel Andrews: just your average hypocrite

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Daniel Andrews’ appointment of a sexist and homophobic Labor mate to a hospital board is more evidence that he’s running a sloppy government more focused on playing politics than people.

Former Labor candidate, John Anderson, is responsible for some highly offensive homophobic and sexist comments and yet was appointed by Daniel Andrews to an important health board.  

In the rush to appoint his mate, Daniel Andrews obviously failed to even do the most basic checks of his suitability. 

Daniel Andrews likes to claim he is a great social progressive but this is a reminder that at the end of the day he is nothing but a garden variety hypocrite. 

This sloppy approach by Daniel Andrews on issues relating to our state’s health system should be a concern to all Victorians. 

John was also Labor campaign manager in Gippsland for the 2016 Federal election. This tweet is from the Labour candidate at the time.