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High Court clears way for Labor rorts investigation

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The High Court’s decision to throw out Daniel Andrews’ fourth attempt to cover up the ugly truth about Labor rorts before the last state election is just another indictment of the Andrews Labor Government.

This has been a scandalous waste of taxpayer dollars defending the Labor Party when there was never any basis for doing so.

If the Andrews Government has nothing to fear, it should have nothing to hide.

Daniel Andrews’ stubborn refusal to accept the need for the Ombudsman to investigate serious allegations of rorting by the Labor Party and Labor MPs is no different it seems to Don Nardella’s stubborn refusal to accept responsibility for his rorting of entitlements.

The culture of rorting inside the Labor Party lies squarely at the feet of Daniel Andrews whose poor leadership has allowed such a culture to fester.