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Andrews must cut ties with those who urge lawbreaking

Thursday, 16 March 2017

It is little wonder Daniel Andrews is refusing to take action on Victoria’s law and order crisis when his union paymasters are cheering people on to break the law as they see fit.

The union movement sits at the very heart of Daniel Andrews’ scandal ridden government and there is no demand they make that he won’t give in to.

Daniel Andrews has let the UFU take a sledgehammer to the CFA and the CFMEU bring back lawlessness to construction sites, and now he refuses to condemn the ACTU for telling people they only need to obey the laws that they feel like respecting.

If Daniel Andrews has any interest at all in community safety and the rule of law he will sever all ties with those union officials who says it’s fine to break laws they don’t agree with, and order all his ministers and their staff to have zero contact with them.