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Victoria facing energy crisis

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Daniel Andrews is taking Victoria back to the dark ages, with the state facing blackouts and soaring power prices that will see households pay hundreds of dollars more for energy.

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator in its annual gas market statement, there is expected to be a shortfall of gas from 2018 which will result in power shortages.

Despite looming blackouts, Daniel Andrews this week passed legislation to lock up conventional gas exploration until 2020 which will leave Victoria helpless. 

Because of Labor’s ideological policy to close Hazelwood, Victoria will lose 22% of its energy generation capacity this month putting immense pressure on power prices for households and businesses.

Daniel Andrews must act immediately to keep Hazelwood operating beyond 31 March 2017 to allow for the Latrobe Valley and the energy market to transition responsibly.

This sleazy Labor Government is too busy rorting taxpayers instead of finding real solutions to Victoria’s impending energy crisis.