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It’s the cover up that will always get you

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Daniel Andrews continues to cover up the rorts of Don Nardella and Telmo Languiller.

The Premier continues to avoid providing copies of all relevant documentation including second residence allowance statutory declarations, land tax primary residence declarations, drivers’ logs and company registrations. 

Daniel Andrews also refuses to answer questions that Don Nardella’s principal place of residence at Ocean Grove is in fact the local caravan park.

Today I formally requested a select committee be appointed to investigate the systematic rorting of Victorian taxpayers by these two Labor MPs as well as a ruling that Don Nardella immediately repay the over $100,000 of his rorted allowances.

Daniel Andrews refused both of these motions.  The Premier’s cover up means he is condoning this rort.

Daniel Andrews was dragged kicking and screaming to sack his rorting MP from the Labor Party.  If the Premier continues to accept his tainted vote then his words today are meaningless.

If you have nothing to fear, then you’ve got nothing to hide.  Clearly, Daniel Andrews thinks he has plenty to fear.

Given the absence of transparency from Daniel Andrews, the Opposition will now consider referring this matter to Victoria Police for investigation by the Fraud Squad.