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Victorians are losing under Daniel Andrews - Real People, Real Stories

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Daniel Andrews is a divisive premier and an ideological zealot with a winner takes all mentality even when it hurts Victorians.

Victorians are losing under Daniel Andrews - Real People, Real Stories is a snapshot of how Daniel Andrews is tearing communities apart and picking winners and losers. 

Under Daniel Andrews, Victorians are living in fear because of violent crimes like carjackings and home invasions and are hurting because of sky rocketing electricity prices.  He’s at war with communities in Melbourne’s western suburbs over a new youth prison and he has hurt residents in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs with his approach on Sky Rail.

His heavy-handed approach with the CFA and its 60,000 volunteers has put Victorians and their homes at risk and his broken promise on tearing up the East West Link contract wasted $1.2 billion of precious taxpayers’ money.

The Andrews Labor Government is also dividing communities with his attempt to slug billions of dollars in extra tolls on Melbourne’s eastern suburb motorists for the Transurban T-intersection in the western suburbs.

And regional communities like the Latrobe Valley are paying the price of Daniel Andrews’ ideological obsession with renewable energy with the closure of Hazelwood and the loss of thousands of jobs.

When you read the stories in this book, it is clear that Daniel Andrews is putting politics first and people last.