James Newbury

Liberal for Brighton

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Liberal for Brighton

James Newbury is the Liberal Party candidate for Brighton in the Victorian Parliament. James has been preselected to replace Louise Asher, following her announced intention to retire from Parliament at the 2018 State Election.

James is 38 years old. He and his wife Suzanne live near Church Street in Brighton. They have two young daughters. James grew up and was educated in Melbourne. He has completed three university degrees, including a post graduate level law degree (a Juris Doctor) and a Master’s Degree in Business Law (MBusLaw).

James has worked in both the private sector and public sector. James currently works in the private sector, in the financial services industry, for the peak body representing organisations involved in credit reporting. Membership of the peak body comprises some of Australia’s most trusted organisations, including the major banks and credit reporting bodies. James works in public affairs and is Group Company Secretary of the peak body’s group of companies.

James previously worked in the public sector and spent a decade working for the Liberal Party at both a State and Federal level.

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