Genevieve Hamilton

Liberal for Calwell

About Genevieve

Liberal for Calwell

Genevieve Hamilton is your local Liberal candidate for Calwell. She was born and raised in Melbourne and lives with her teenage daughter in Greenvale.

Genevieve has worked in policy for the Federal Government for ten years, including at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Defence. Through her extensive policy work, she has contributed towards policy helping to protect Australia’s sovereignty and way of life, stand up for our values and interests, and keeps our borders secure.

Growing up in a family of tradies and small business owners, Genevieve understands the importance of supporting local businesses. She has seen firsthand how thriving small and family owned businesses can boost local job creation in the community. As a business owner herself, she is working hard as part of the Morrison Liberal Team to build a stronger economy that benefits us all.

Through her extensive career, Genevieve has been appointed to various tribunals, including the Refugee Review Tribunal and the Migration Review Tribunal. Her vast knowledge and skillset demonstrates her strong credentials to serve as your local representative in the Australian Parliament.

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