Darrel Taylor

Liberal for Keysborough

About Darrel

Liberal for Keysborough

Darrel Taylor believes that Keysborough has been neglected for far too long. The local area needs someone who is a strong voice in Parliament and an active representative of the

Darrel is a Project Manager for the Department of Defence and a former soldier, equipping him with the skills, determination and experience to make a real difference. He is passionate about improving the lives of individuals, families, businesses and community organisations in Keysborough.

As a family man with twin 11-year- old daughters, Darrel is particularly concerned about the lack of community consultation on key issues which affect our community including increasing congestion, rising cost of living, and growing violent crime.

A former Councillor and Mayor, Darrel has worked hard in the South Eastern Region to deliver better outcomes for the community including better infrastructure, family services, education, health care and a safer community.

He will never take our community for granted.

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