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'All people should have equal rights and equal responsibilities to their fellow citizens.'

Party Members

The members of the Liberal Party are the heart and soul of the Party. It is their Party, and through the State Council and other bodies they control the Party. The active participation of members is the key to the Party's success.

Electorate Conferences

All Party members are welcome to attend and vote at the Liberal Party Electorate Conferences for the State and Federal electorates where their membership is held (generally where members reside, unless another membership option has been selected).

The Electorate Conferences choose the Chairman and Executive Committee of the Party for the Electorate and the delegates who will vote on constitutional and organisational matters at State Council. These delegates also choose members of the State Assembly and Administrative Committee.

Electorate Conferences are important sources of information for the Party and frequently organise speakers and other interesting activities. They have a key role in organising the grass roots campaign to elect Liberal Members of Parliament.

State Council

All Party members are encouraged to attend State Council to participate in policy forums and vote on policy resolutions. State Council is the Party’s governing body and major policy forum. It usually meets twice a year to discuss and debate policy of significance to both Victoria and Australia.

State Council has the power to alter the Party’s Constitution, rules and structure of the Division and determines the Platform of the Party. You can also become an elected delegate through your Electorate Conference and this enables you to vote on constitutional and organisational matters, including elections to the State Assembly and Administrative Committee.

Keynote State Council speeches are delivered by the Party’s State and Federal Leaders and the State President.

Policy Forums

All party members can belong to the Policy Forums that report to State Council. These provide significant opportunities to debate policy ideas. Policy Forums lead into the work of Ministers and Shadow Ministers as they develop Party policy, and play an important role in our preparations for election campaigns.

Policy forums debate policy ideas and undertake policy-relevant consultation and research. The Party Forums will be complemented by regular ‘On-line Forums’. For details of upcoming Party Forums go to the Party’s website www.vic.liberal.org.au

The Liberal Women's Council

All women members of the Party are invited to participate in the women's sections of the Party. These sections come together in the Liberal Women's Council, which organises a wide range of activities, including regular speakers, and provide opportunities for members to meet the Party's members of parliament.

The Women's Council also plays an important role in campaigning to have women with Liberal values elected to parliament.

The Young Liberal Movement

All members of the Liberal Party under the age of 30 can choose to be members of the Young Liberal Movement and can participate in its councils and other activities. The Young Liberal Movement has historically been a recruiting ground for candidates and members of parliament, and has the specific role of making sure that the Party is gives attention to the perspectives and views of young people in the community.

The Liberal Speakers Group

The Liberal Speakers Group provides an opportunity for Party members to interact with Party leaders and to discuss Party philosophy and political ideas on a regular basis. Dates of meetings are notified in the Party's regular Friday newsletter, 'In The Loop'.

The Liberal Book Club

The Liberal Book Club has been established to foster interest and understanding of the history of the Liberal Party and liberalism in Australia. The Club enables Members to become acquainted with some of the excellent writing now available on the history of the Party and liberal thought. Dates of meetings are notified in the Party's regular Friday newsletter, 'In The Loop'.

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