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'All people should have equal rights and equal responsibilities to their fellow citizens.'

Liberal Women's Council

The Liberal Women's Council is the peak body of women in the Victorian Liberal party.

It aims to bring more women into the Party, nurture current members and bring issues of concern to women to the Liberal debate.

Liberal women were pioneers of political participation by women in Australia, and the first women members of parliament at State and Federal levels.

Women play a key role in the Liberal Party and have equal representation at all levels of the Party.

Liberal Women's Council objectives:

  • To canvass all topics of interest to Liberal women
  • Liaise with Federal and State politicians to provide a two-way vehicle for the flow of information and the formation of policy
  • Actively seek to promote the Liberal cause in every possible way
  • Interact with the general public to promote a better understanding of the philosophy and policies of the Liberal Party
  • Actively campaign on behalf of both sitting members and candidates on a continuous basis to secure and hold electorates for the Liberal Party Women’s Sections throughout Victoria hold regular meetings with guest speakers, engage in policy debate and preparation of motions, as well as other social and fundraising events throughout the year.

General meetings of the Council are held in the city on the first Tuesday of every month at which high-profile speakers discuss relevant political issues, as well as present reports on the activities of the Federal and State parliamentary wings.

Through its financial, logistical and policy development support, the Liberal Women's Council plays a crucial role in the Liberal Party's election campaigns.

Funds raised by the Central Council are used to provide training, mentoring and campaign support for female candidates.

The Dame Elizabeth Couchman scholarship provides Liberal women in Victoria with an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills by undertaking study or a research project which will ultimately benefit the overall Party.  

All women who join the Party can participate in the activities of the Liberal Women's Council.

Contact the Liberal Women's Council
The Executive Officer
Liberal Women's Council
Level 3, 104 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel:  03 9654 2255
Fax: 03 9652 3143 
Email: lwcv@vic.liberal.org.au